The Ugly Future of TSA

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In case you haven’t seen it in the news recently, the TSA has been through a number of problematic issues and they are only getting worse.  Traveling via commercial airliner means that you have to deal with the TSA.  Maybe it is time that you consider a modern airlines like flyTHERE that offers air travel when you want, where you want.  Here is what you would be avoiding.

Long Lines

The TSA is notorious for the extremely long lines.  Their lines have been seen to extend past barricades they have set up.  Even when there are shorter lines, you can find only one x-ray machine open.  This kind of treatment makes you feel like cattle being herded.  It also makes you wonder where all of the money TSA gets disappears to.


No matter what time of the year and what time of the day it is, the TSA always seems to be understaffed.  How can you tell that the airport is safe if the TSA doesn’t have enough people and are rushing to catch up?  In fact, the TSA has been found to have let a large number of weapons through.  In 2015 alone 95% of TSA breach tests failed.

TSA Theft

TSA agents are supposed to be trustworthy, they are there to keep airports safe.  Unfortunately more and more instances of the opposite has been found.  A number of cases have been documented showing TSA agents to be stealing from the same people they are supposed to protect.  Go to YouTube and search “TSA agent stealing” and you will get more results than you wish you had.  In 2012 a TSA agent was even quoted as saying: “We steal from travelers all the time.”


Personal Space

Part of going to a commercial airport is going through the numerous security and safety checkpoints.  Each one of these checkpoints gets more and more personal until you have an x-ray performed of your body.  Every time you go through the body x-ray machine someone is looking at you.  While they might see only the x-ray image, that is invasive.  As technology gets more advanced these tests are only going to push into your personal space further.

While rare, TSA agents have even been caught violating people’s personal spaces for their own entertainment.  Agents have been accused of groping and other forms of feeling that no one should have to go through.  Multiple news articles can be found about this along with agents who have been fired over such issues.

Yet again there is another personal space issue to think about. Illness! Crowding in a line with all of the other passengers puts you at risk. That means that if one person has a cold, it is probably going to be contracted by at least one other person in the line.  TSA provides zero protection against the transmission of viruses and they certainly don’t care about maintaining a comfortable distance amongst people.

Lines Mean Commotion

Because it takes time to get through TSA that means you will be exposed to plenty of commotion.  Babies will be crying, people arguing, and there will be conversations that you don’t want to overhear.  Without putting in ear plugs there is no real way to escape this. Commotion is a major cause of stress and anxiety.

TSA May Not Be That Much More Secure

Studies have shown that the TSA is falling short.  It started with items getting past TSA but a study published in 2016 found that it was more than that.  Data from 2009 to 2015 showed that there were well over 2,000 different security breaches to airport perimeters.  That  number is on an upward trend.  The Government Accountability Office said that based off the 2009 to 2015 data, the TSA was not doing enough to enhance security as new threats were appearing.

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