10 Worst Airports For Thanksgiving Travel

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When it comes to busy roads and airports there is nothing worse than holidays.  Thanksgiving is one of the worst.  Estimates show that come this Thanksgiving, over 45 million people will be traveling for the holiday. That is 1 Million more than last year.

These days, air travel seems to be no easy task. With traffic, airport congestion, check-in lines and such it has become a lengthy, stressful, irritating event. No help is that TSA lines to get through security are getting longer and longer.  Some people wait hours to get through security, even on a weekday.  Make no mistake, the next few days are not your average weekday.

Thanksgiving turns difficult airports into pure evil.  What do you think the worst airports this Thanksgiving are going to be?  Based on the statistics from past years we have come up with a list:

Chicago O’Hare International Airport has been working recently at improving their day to day wait times.  They have moved from an average of 2 hours wait down to an average of 10 minutes.  Keep in mind these are 24 hour averages. During the holidays those wait times will go up significantly because of the increased number of travelers.

When it comes to Thanksgiving though it isn’t all about waiting to get through TSA.  Flights get delayed.  Thanksgiving, is wrought with delayed flights.  Weather gets bad, aircraft suffer mechanical issues, and people (not yet used to winter conditions), all create delays.

Chicago O’Hare International Airport is expected to be the worst of the delays this Thanksgiving.  The nine other major airports making the list:

  • Baltimore/Washington International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Airport
  • Lambert-St Louis International Airport
  • Metropolitan Oakland Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Southwest Florida International
  • Tampa International Airport


How Do You Avoid Air Travel Disasters This Season?

While it is impossible for you to control whether your plane will be delayed, you can do other things to lessen the holiday hassle. Unfortunately, it requires giving up more of your time. Arriving early can solve many of your potential problems surrounding flying on commercial airlines.  Another tip is to use a travel planner to find the planes that are most often delayed and avoid those.  You can find lists of the most delayed flights online as well.

Fly on a new style of airlines like flyTHERE

flyTHERE, and other companies, offer you flights out of private jet terminals. These terminals are typically accessed by a separate airport entry and typically have minimal (if any) traffic delays. Flights are also available out of smaller airports closer to your home that are typically not serviced by airlines like United, Delta or American Airlines.

Most of the time you can be in the air within 15 minutes or so of arrival. One advantage that flyTHERE has over other carriers using the same facilities is that you can purchase BY THE SEAT! Find out all of the additional benefits by going to www.goflythere.com.

Of course, other alternatives exist to air travel.  Here are some alternative options for you.

Take A Bus

There are a variety of bus companies out there that offer simple, inexpensive rides.  Bolt, for example, offers some trips on their bus service for only $1.  Greyhound bus is another bus option for you.  Bus trips may take longer than a plane trip but they can be less expensive.

Take A Train

The United States has a huge railway network.  You can get a train ride from one side of the country to another.  While train tickets can be just as expensive as an airplane ticket, you will more than likely have much less of a wait.  Some train cars are also more comfortable than airplane seats. If you can, get a sleeper and take advantage of the dining car. It is a great way to enjoy the space between here and there.


Just drive. Take a longer holiday and drive to where they are going.  Driving to your Thanksgiving destination allows you to see the sights and make stops anywhere that you want.  Depending on where you are going and how far, driving might take a while and put unwanted wear and tear on your car. Note of caution. Driving accidents increase to over 250% on this coming Sunday. Just be safe.

Bottom line. For many of us, air travel is the only option to join friends and family this holiday season. If you are flying traditional commercial, and especially if you are traveling through one of the worst 10, give yourself extra time and remember it is all about enjoying the time with people you love.

Of course if you really want to make the experience simple, quick and hassle free try traveling on flyTHERE.