10 Tips To Flying Private Aviation

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Private aviation may seem like a luxury to most people but companies like flyTHERE are making private aviation more accessible to the general public. For those of you who want to know more about travel using private aviation, these ten tips will help make it the best flight experience of your life. Read on:

1 Call Ahead

Private aviation isn’t as restrictive as commercial flights that have set times for the doors to close.  When you are headed to the airport use an app like Google Maps to get an estimated time of arrival to the airport and call your pilot (or in the case of flyTHERE your Travel Concierge) to let them know the ETA.  They will work with the air traffic controller to set your flight up to match your needs.

2 Wait To Talk To The Pilots

On some private aviation flights, you can talk to the pilots.  If you do want to talk to the pilots or ask them questions it is important to wait until the plane is in cruise.  You don’t want to distract the pilots while they are in the process of operating the plane.


3 Tip The Crew

While it isn’t required to tip the crew, it is a common thing in the industry.  When you tip the crew, it helps them to feel appreciated and you are building bridges for future flights.  You never know when you might fly with the same crew again. If you are on a flyTHERE flight, we have already taken care of it for you.

4 Ask The Crew To Use The Closest Airport (or just use flyTHERE)

There are over 5,000 airports in the United States and over 3,000 in the European Union.  Only a portion of those airports are used by commercial airlines.  That means there is a good chance that you can find a more convenient airport and less busy one. flyTHERE in particular takes advantage of regional airports. As a modern age airline, flyTHERE fly’s when you want, where you want. For instance, instead of having to fly out of Portland, Oregon’s main airport PDX, you can depart from a regional airport much closer to your home or work like Hillsboro, Astoria, McMinnville or Hood River. On flyTHERE, these options are handled in advance through our App and Website booking platform.

5 What To Wear

What to wear on the flight depends on the purpose of travel.  If you are traveling on business or with people who are on business it is appropriate to wear business attire.  For those that aren’t traveling on business, there is no need to get dressed up.  Just go with casual wear, jeans and a casual shirt, a dress, or whatever works for you. A suggestion is to dress respectfully. Private terminals are typically well appointed and maintained by professional staff and dressing properly shows that you value the care and services that they provide. This is especially true if you are other passengers on the private jet or turboprop. With fewer passengers, your personal hygiene becomes much more obvious.

business professionals having drinks on a private jet

6 Photographs

Feel free to take photographs while riding on private aviation but make sure they are just of you and your party.  If a photo is going to capture another passenger, make sure that you ask permission first. Some people who fly private aviation do so to be discrete and won’t appreciate their photo being snapped. If you are traveling on flyTHERE, feel free to send us your photographs along with a description. We love to post stories of our passengers to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

7 Let The Owner/Host Board First

If you are a guest on the plane, it is common courtesy to let the owner or host of the plane board first.  Try to discretely end up behind them when boarding.  If you can’t, step aside and let them board.  Not only does this show common courtesy, it lets them know you will be a polite co-passenger.

8 Don’t Linger On-board

Part of the point of taking a private aircraft is that you don’t have to wait around, that includes when the plane lands.  As soon as the plane is on the ground start gathering up your stuff and get off the plane.  If you forgot to have a car pick you up, ask the pilot to radio or call for a private car, taxi or Uber.

9 Bathroom Etiquette

On a private plane the bathrooms are range from luxurious to limited. In almost every case, there will be only one lavatory on the airplane. Try not to spend extra time in them.  It is important to be courteous and make sure that other fliers have a chance to use the bathroom.  You also want to be cautious about how loud you are as the plane is quiet and noises can be heard easily.

10 Let The Crew Help You

There is crew on private airplanes for a reason, let them help you out.  When you get to the plane, let them take your luggage.  As you are getting off let the crew load your luggage into the car.  Let the crew get your drinks and help you out in any other way you need.  It is what they are getting paid for, just be nice about it.


BONUS: Bring Your Pets

Many private planes allow you to travel with your pets inside the cabin. You should always check with the pilots in advance to see what their specific rules and requirements are. flyTHERE marks each one of their flights that automatically allow preapproved pets with the “pet-friendly” mark   . You can get your pets preapproval on flyTHERE’s website www.goflythere.com.


If all this is new to you, most of all, enjoy yourself. We at flyTHERE are excited to offer fast, easy and comfortable air travel to a much larger number of passengers then was ever before possible. Flying a modern airline will make the always something special that you can remember and enjoy.  Travel when you want, where you want for about the price of first class.

For more information about flyTHERE and how to book flights call 208-450-5777, email us at [email protected] or visit our website www.goflythere.com .