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Traveling with your “best friend”

adds the joy of companionship and a world

of experiences that you would otherwise miss.

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When you bring along the family dog, you are forced to be active, and present to the moment. Dogs remind you to “let go” and enjoy your vacation. They expect to be walked and will give you the classic head tilt until you play with them. They are social and force you to be as well. They are the world’s best conversation starter and will connect you with locals and travelers alike, enriching both of your worlds. Most importantly they remind you that the world is a happy, interesting, fun place that is meant to be explored.

Traveling with a dog makes me look and feel like a local

Jennifer K. Portland, OR

I stopped crying once I started traveling with Fox (my Irish Setter). The guilt looking into her big sad eyes wondering why I was leaving was just to much.

Tanya P. Everett, WA

My Children Forced Me! And now I can’t imagine leaving Max at home.

Jeff S. Beaverton, OR

Traveling with my pet brings me unending joy.

Corina P. Park City, UT

Why Traveling with Your Pet is Therapeutic

That feeling of joy. The simple joy dogs exude when they play in the snow, trot down a mountain trail, or swim in a stream fills you with instant joy and reminds you to let go of your digital world and remember how important it is to play.


Pets calm all of us, especially our children. Anxious children, who may not be used to being away from home, find enormous comfort and calm in having their pet travel with them. Pets instill a sense of belonging and help maintain family routines.


Imprint positive values. Caring, playing, snuggling, and feeding your animal teaches children (and adults) about love, responsibility, and the mutual value of loyalty. Pets teach us positive lessons and evoke important virtues in all of us! Traveling with your dogs and cats provides new challenges and infinite joy. Children often associate leaving your furry family member at home with their own fears of abandonment. By traveling you’re your pets, you are reinforcing the importance of family and togetherness.

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