Of Course You Have Questions

Not having to deal with the pain and suffering of traditional airlines is, for most of us, a foreign concept. That is why we have organized answers to your most frequently asked questions on this page. We want you to enjoy air travel. Sit with your friends, change your passenger list, bring your pets and go where you want, when you want.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, just email us at [email protected] and a flight concierge will help you get the information you want.


You will receive a provisional itinerary by email for your flight as soon as your flight is confirmed. A further itinerary, including details of flight crew and airport handling agents will be sent by email at least 24 hours before departure.

Purchasing A Flight2016-11-01T20:27:38-07:00

All details about your flight can be found by logging into ‘My Account’. From here you can review all of the details about your flight and add all the required information (eg passenger names, identification / passport details). If this is a shared flight you will be able to see the status of the remaining seats.

Pets (who we love)2016-11-01T20:27:21-07:00

Pets can be brought on any flyTHERE flight notated by the “pet friendly icon” icon_pet_friendly_airline_transportation, All other flights are subject to Operator approval. You must purchase a pet fare and have prior authorization for your pet which is obtained by filling out a flyTHERE pet form. We are fast and accommodating with regards to your furry friends but we just need to get the paperwork done ahead of time. Click here to fill out the form.

flyTHERE Concierge2016-11-01T20:27:09-07:00

At any time, If you require additional assistance with your flight requirements, a flyTHERE Concierge is available to resolve any issue you may have or help in scheduling additional travel requirements. You can reach a flyTHERE Concierge by phone 208-450-5777, through the flyTHERE app’s chat feature, or by email [email protected]. flyTHERE Concierges can also provide bespoke service to handle complex multi-leg flight requirements.

Changing Passengers2016-11-01T20:26:58-07:00

Passenger details can be changed without charge up until the day of the flight departure. Additional passengers can be accommodated, dependent on aircraft capacity, but may incur extra charges.

Identification | Passport Details2016-11-01T20:26:48-07:00

Identification in the form of a drivers license or passport of all passengers traveling should be provided as soon as the flight is confirmed, and at the very latest 24 hours before the flight. If you or any of your passengers have flown with us before, your details will be stored. If you are flying internationally a passport is mandatory. You will not be allowed on the flight without one.

Arriving For Your Flight2016-11-01T20:24:31-07:00

A member of the flight crew will meet you in the private lounge of the departure airport to escort you to your aircraft. Your identification / passports will be checked before you board.

Please be courteous! If you are running late, contact us immediately. Other passengers, weather requirements and FAA flight time slots all play a part in establishing how long we can delay the flight.


We want you to bring EVERYTHING you want. Of course baggage restrictions vary between different aircraft but there are few limitations on carry-on luggage. If you have overly heavy, large or numerous baggage, please speak to a flyTHERE concierge to assure that you can bring all of it with you. Please note that not all baggage compartments are pressurized, so please check with us if you are carrying items which might be affected.


Your car or taxi can normally drop you off within a few yards of the aircraft or at the handling agent terminal, and parking is available at most private airport terminals. Please ask the flyTHERE Operations Team for information and if you require a location map for your departure and arrival airport.

In Flight Snacks and Meals2016-11-01T20:28:17-07:00

Honestly we don’t have this quite figured out (being brutally honest)

As we ramp up, we hope to provide on all flights:

Breakfast (Flights taking off between 06:00 am and 10:00 am): Croissants, fresh fruit, fresh orange juice, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Other times: A selection of sandwiches, salads, fresh fruit, complimentary bar and soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Flight Attendants2016-11-01T20:28:08-07:00

The presence of a flight attendant is dependent on the Operator and aircraft. Whilst this service is not typically included on smaller aircraft, it is often available on larger jets at no extra cost. If you require further information, please contact a concierge at [email protected]

Wheelchair Access2016-11-01T20:27:59-07:00

All aircraft has some type of access solution and most are wheelchair accessible; with smaller jets and turboprops the flight crew and handling agents will take care of access to the aircraft, while larger jets often have AmbuLift compatibility. Please notify your Concierge for a tailored solution to your accessibility requirements.

Travel Profile2016-11-01T20:17:01-07:00

No hidden fees, no membership requirements. No credit card information required. All we ask is that you register on our website or through our flyTHERE mobile app so that we can provide you the level of service you deserve. We do not share your information with any third party. Please download the app or go to www.goflyTHERE.com/sign-up. If you want to do this over the phone, no problem. Just call us at 208-450-5777

Primary Departure Airport2016-11-01T20:23:53-07:00

We ask you to designate your primary major airport and your closest regional airport. Our planes are able to take off and land at most smaller airports that are significantly easier to get to for most of our passengers. We also ask you to list a few destinations that you frequent. This way we can tailor your experience to receive notifications of special offers and flights that would interest you most.

Fly Where You Want, When You Want2016-11-01T20:22:34-07:00

This is what a “modern” airline is all about. This is flyTHERE. Through our matchmaking platform, we combine your flight desires with like-minded individuals to fill the remaining seats on the flight you want as well as find passengers interested in traveling the opposite direction (so the plane can go home).

This is how we keep ticket prices reasonable and provide you with the highest level of comfort, service and simplicity.

Once you fill out your Travel Profile, you will be able to:

  • See all the flights that have seats available to the places you want to go.
  • Create a brand new flight and purchase by the seat or the entire plane.
  • For multi-leg routes, large jet requirements or just help on travel plans, please don’t hesitate to call us at 208-450-5777

For more detailed information, please look through the website. This is how you you should fly. Now and forever.

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Reservation and Confirmation2016-11-01T20:22:50-07:00

When you have selected payment, and accepted the Terms and Conditions, you will receive your flight reservation and payment details by email from flyTHERE upon verification of payment.


At this time our cancellation policy is very stringent. We do not allow cancellations within 7 days of departure period. This is because other passengers (on both the outbound and return) are paying a reasonable ticket price based on a certain number of filled seats.


The seat is yours. We do however allow you to give it to someone else. You just have to notify us in advance. Try that on any other airline.

Did We Miss Something?2016-11-01T20:17:18-07:00

Have we missed a question? Or, do you have any feedback? We would like to know so please email [email protected] or call 208-450-5777.


Firearms are permitted in certain circumstances We absolutely require prior notification of these beforehand. Firearms licenses must be carried along with any guns, ammunition or compressed gas. Additional permits and customs notifications may be required before departure. Failure to obtain prior authorization will result in immediate forfeiture of your flight.